What we plan to grow!


We go with the "grow what we enjoy eating" idea, with some new additions every year as well. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they get a second chance and sometimes they never darken our door again! I'll update it when/if things change.

This year we are going for:

Aubergine                          Black Beauty, Scorpio

Broad Beans                     Wizard

Dwarf French Beans        Purple Teepee, Aquilon, Minidor, Orinocco, Nun's Belly Button

Climbing French Beans   Sultana, Carminat, Monte Cristo, Monte Gusto

Runner Beans                   Bench Master, Firestorm, Moonlight

Drying Beans                    Cherokee Trail of Tears, Greek Gigantes, Polatschka


Peas                                   Champion of England, Telefono, Hatif d'Annonay, Stokesley,

                                            Parsley, Tall Purple Podded

Mangetout                         Kent Blue, Bijou, Indian Golden Podded

Beetroot                            Boltardy, Chioggia, Cylindra, Sanguina, Rainbow Beet

Broccoli                             Green Calabrese, San Marzano Raab, Kailan, Early Purple Sprouting

Brussels Sprouts              Trafalgar

Cabbage                            Greyhound, Savoy Piacenza

Cauliflower                        Clapton

Kale                                    Red Ursa, Curly Scarlet

Calabrese                          Green Calabrese (bought in plants)

Turnips                              Purple Top Milan, White

Kohl Rabi                           Mixed Purple & White                

Carrots                               Sweet Candle, Cosmic Purple, Chantenay Red Core, Autumn King,

                                             St Valery, Nantes 2

Parsnips                             Palace, Lisbonnais

Chillies                              Jalapeno Traveller, Mum's Round Red, Little Elf, Razzamataz,

                                            Cayenne, Lemon Drop, Red Demon, Joe's Long, Bangalore Torpedo

                                            Alberto's Locato Rococco

Peppers                             Sweet Purple, Mila's Bulgarian Sweet Red, Bullhorn

Courgettes                        Lungo BIanco, Sure Thing, Burpees Golden Zucchini,

                                           Yellow Scallop, Pale Green Tint

Marrow                              Badger Cross

Cucumbers                        Diva, Telegraph Improved. Armenian Metre Long, Marketmore

Gherkins/ Pickling            Cornichon de Paris, Chicago Pickling Cucumber                 

Leeks                                  Jolant, Autumn Mammoth, Mammoth Pot Leek

Onions                                Bedfordshire Champion, Showmaster, Stuttgarter


Spring Onions                    Purplette, Ishikuru, White Lisbon

Garlic                                 Early Purple Wight, Provence, Elephant Garlic

Shallots                             Jermor                             

Potatoes                            (First Early) Casablanca, Maris Peer (Second Early) Bonnie, Wilja

                                             (Main Crop) Amour, Ambo, Maxine

Sweetcorn                         Swift, Honeydew

Squashes                           Flat White Boer,  Uchiki Kuri, Lady Godiva, Winter Golden Hubbard

                                              Munchkin, Kakai, Hooligan, Winter Dumpling

Lettuce                               Tantan, Little Gem, Radicchio

Pak Choi                             White Petiole, Rubi

Salad leaves                       Rocket Serrata & Olivetta, Mesclun, Mizuna, Mixed Baby Lettuce

Radishes                             Scarley Globe, Amethyst, French Breakfast, Vienna, Sparkler 3,

                                             Rosso Gigante   (winter - Violet de Gournay; Mooli - MIno Early)

Tomatoes                           Crimson Crush, 100s & 1000s, Dancing with Smurfs, Summer Cider,

                                              Marvel Stripes, Chocolate Cherry, Red Zebra, Moneymaker,

                                              Sungella, Matt's Wild Cherry, Christmas Grape

Spinach                               Perpetual Spinach, Chard Bright Lights, Callaloo,

                                             Southern Giant Mustard

Oca                                      Un-named red

Watercress                         Un-named

Fennel                                  Colossal

Cutting Flowers                  Sweet peas, Calendula, mulitheaded Ssunflowers, Dahlias, Cosmos,

                                             Lavender, Larkspur (more to come!)