15.08.2016 20:41


What a lovely variety of tomatoes you have! I definitely understand that constant struggle to keep up with harvests during this time of year.

15.08.2016 23:02


Not enough hours in the day at this time in the year Julie, but isn't it great when the shelves and the freezer are full and we can start all over again!!

15.08.2016 18:08


It always seems odd these days to see brassicas without nets over them to be honest! There are more and more pests to protect against overall every year that goes by!

15.08.2016 17:02


Well, those are some wonderful harvests you have been gathering this month!
We have to net ALL members of the brassica family around here otherwise the cabbage worms would devour them.

11.08.2016 09:46


It is a surprise that the onions are as good as they are tbh Phuong, but in a good way. Thank you for reading the blog .. it is appreciated

10.08.2016 13:39


Your garden is doing fantastic. Even with all your onion troubles, your onion harvest is very respectable and the shallots are lovely. It's great to see your mountains of potatoes and courgettes.

09.08.2016 19:54


Thank you Trill! You know what hard work it ll is from your own growing, for sure. It is worth it though. Good to hear from you

09.08.2016 19:53


It is a lovely time of the year Shafique, with the kitchen full of good clean veggies and fruit! Thanks for reading the blog,. It is appreciated

09.08.2016 15:22


Lovely plots. Your hard work is paying off.

09.08.2016 11:45

Shafique Cockar

What an absolutely stunning and colourful array of vegetables! Fantastic!

09.08.2016 01:30


Wow! You've got lots of harvests that look delicious! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a kitchen overrun with garden vegetables.

09.08.2016 09:18


It is always the same mid-Summer, Julie... not enough hours in the day ... but it is a great feeling when you see it all and know you grew all that!

08.08.2016 21:55


You have a lovely assortment of fruits and veggies there! It was fun reading about everything. And despite the scab, I think that's a great looking haul of potatoes you have. Thanks for joining in!

08.08.2016 23:17


Thanks for the encouragement, Dave! This week has been especially abundant, with the potatoes and onions all coming home. Can hardly walk across the kitchen right now but all will get stored away soon

08.08.2016 21:41

Will - Eight Gate Farm NH

My gosh, what beautiful and abundant harvests! Congratulations!

08.08.2016 23:18


Thank you for reading it all through Will -- it did seem to go on a bit this week.