19.07.2017 19:46


I really enjoyed the photos of your plot. And the cinnabar caterpillars are so brightly colored! I had never heard of them or the slow worms. Thanks for sharing all the pics and info!

17.07.2017 21:47

Will - EightGateFarmNH

Very beautiful harvests, and very interesting info about the cinnabar moth and slow worms. I hope you win a prize for your inspection. Me, I couldn't take the pressure!

17.07.2017 22:15


Glad you found it interesting Will. A lifetime if nsture watching has taught me lots and to know there is always more to learn too. Won't know the outcome of the inspection until mid September...

17.07.2017 21:06

Linda Barratt

What a credit to you & Abi, such hard work really pays off. Also many thanks for identifying those caterpillars for me, I've come across some on my plot this Year. Do they only eat ragwort?

17.07.2017 21:44


Thank you for your kind comments! And Cinnabar caterpillars also eat Groundsel.. their eggs are bright orange and laid underneath leaves in largish batches

11.07.2017 17:59


Thank you Margaret.. it is kind of you to say so. That first cucumber will taste so good, I'm sure!!

11.07.2017 13:30


So many wonderful goodies coming out of your garden right now! I'm quite looking forward to the first cucumbers - hopefully I won't be waiting too much longer.

11.07.2017 11:40


You've got such a lovely variety of goodies in your harvests now. That strawberry cake looks delicious, and I could see me having it for breakfast even!

11.07.2017 12:08


It was so delicious I wish we had more strawberries so I could have another go... blackberries could work too, which you have lots and lots of right now, I know!

11.07.2017 10:13


Thank you Shaheen. It certainly does make the toil worthwhile

11.07.2017 09:02


What an abundant and beautiful harvest, isn't it wonderful when your hard work pays off and rewards you with such a bounty.

10.07.2017 20:37

Will - Eight Gate Farm NH

Colorful harvests indeed! Also the pepper comparison photos are really interesting. I've never tried grilling pak choi, but I might once the midsummer planting matures!

10.07.2017 22:27


You can do the same with small hearted lettuce like Little Gem too, Will

10.07.2017 19:49


Nice looking peppers. Mine are just starting to bloom so it will be a while before I get to see some in my garden.

10.07.2017 20:15


They do fill out quickly once they get going, and it is only mid July, so yours should get there

05.07.2017 03:35


Lovely harvests. So jealous of everyones berries! I thought it was the heat killing off my peas but discovered a gopher was the culprit.

05.07.2017 16:23


Mary, I think a mouse may be to blame as the stems seem to have ben bitten through at ground level, now I look more closely

05.07.2017 02:26

Mike R

I grew up on currant jam and toast, especially love black currant jam on rye bread. The currant cake looks amazing.

05.07.2017 16:24


Mike, if you cut the slices of cake carefully, it can be toasted too...maybe one for you!!

04.07.2017 19:02


Your berry jam and cake look beautiful. It sounds like you're doing great with the succession planting. We're trying to grow winter squash, it's been years because the bugs usually kill them.

04.07.2017 20:18


We are lucky not to have those bugs here Phuong, but some years winter squashes just don't seem to happen... fingers crossed for this season!

04.07.2017 14:50


I got tired just reading about your berry picking and preserving! I know it was worth the effort though, with all those jars of jam and jelly. I have made blackberry syrup but that is all so far.

04.07.2017 20:19


Dave, you get through a lot each week for sure! Black berry syrup is luscious and I shall be making some once our bushes fruit next month

03.07.2017 21:50

Sue Garrett

Our jostaberries have produced the best harvest ever this year too.

04.07.2017 05:40


The berries are enormous too

03.07.2017 20:44

Will - Eight Gate Farm NH

Beautiful harvests. We aren't allowed to grow currants here because they are a host for White Pine Blister Rust, and white pines are an important timber crop. Cool photo of the stag beetle.

04.07.2017 05:39


Can't argue with that reasoning Will!