13.09.2018 07:49


Winter Squash look like good harvest . Is that a Crown Prince I spot there?

13.09.2018 12:05


There is one there John: the other bluey coloured ones are Ute Indian. Both good keepers

13.09.2018 00:10

Shawn Ann

What an impressive harvest! Do you preserve and use most of it or do you sell some of it? You have so much! Maybe you have said and I haven't seen it...

13.09.2018 07:11


We do preserve and eat a lot but also share with family and friends not not sell anything. We do eat from our plot and stores all year round though and rarely buy vegetables or fruit tbh

11.09.2018 12:25


Such a lovely assortment of peppers! And you have been bust preserving too. I need to try your ketchup recipe next year. I may make some pepper jam this year if the harvests keep on.

11.09.2018 13:23


Pepper jam is indeed on our list Dave. So good to make things that remind us of the taste of summer, isn't it?

11.09.2018 11:07

Phuong Doan

Look at all those pretty tomatoes and peppers you're still getting, and that's a ton of winter squash. Winter squashes are such lovely things, when other vegetables are but a memory they persist.

08.09.2018 16:20

Sue Garrett

Sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t grow to eat rather that was the only thing we did. Our veg aren’t pretty enough to win prizes anyway!

08.09.2018 16:30


I didn't think you had. I only mentioned that we eat our Show veg too, as sometimes I have had people think they can't be worth eating if they are large, so no worries, Sue!

08.09.2018 15:09


I love this post and the creativity. Please do share the recipe for the apple lavender jelly and the pickled pears if you have time, i'd love to try them at home. Well done with all those winners !

08.09.2018 15:39


I am just sorting out an index for the recipes Shaheen, so you will be able to find things then... give me a couple of days and it'll be done. Glad you are enjoying the blog, thank you

08.09.2018 15:00

Phuong Doan

That's amazing that you're able to overwinter onions, and they did so well. And the children did so wonderfully with their entries. Congratulations! Your vegetables are just gorgeous.

08.09.2018 15:08


Thank you Phuong. I keep these onion seedlings frost free, but these are some Japanese onions that can overwinter outside as seedlings so giving them a go this year to see how they fare

08.09.2018 14:33

Sue Garrett

You’ll need to buy a special cabinet for all those cups. We only grow to eat but I can appreciate the work that must have been involved.

08.09.2018 14:49


Oh we eat them all Sue!! The tomatoes have already been used in preserves and the onions are out in the box in the garage to use as and when... eating is the main reason we grow alright!!

07.09.2018 20:22


Wow! That is onion dedication - an onion sitter. That's how it goes with show vegetables isn't it. What a great show you had with all those winners. Congratulations.

08.09.2018 08:17


Means we don't need to worry about the seedlings while we are away, and we return the favour with chilli-sitting when we come back.. win-win really

05.09.2018 17:36


Thank you Dave. I am hoping the size of the onions isn't just luck!!

05.09.2018 17:09


Congratulations, that is such an impressive display you all made! It's great that the kids and grandkids were involved and made a good showing. If I could grow onions like your I would be so happy!

04.09.2018 07:58


Aww thanks Mark. That's a lovely thought to share! The children are full of their news now they are back at school too

04.09.2018 05:56

Mark Willis

What a great result! It emphasises the very broad range of skills you (as a family) possess.